FAQ - TurnCycle, gesture controlled wireless bike signal

Here is a list of commonly asked questions about the TurnCycle product.

How much does the TurnCycle weigh?

The TurnCycle was designed to be lightweight. The Display is 6 oz and the wristband is only 1.5 oz.

Is the TurnCycle rechargeable?

The LED Display battery can be charged using any micro USB cable. The wristband battery is a user replaceable coin cell.

Will the product be the same when it is shipped to me?

We are considering some changes to the product based on feedback from our backers and bicycle enthusiasts. We're gathering feedback to make the product the best it can be. Changes we're considering:

Making Display LEDs red
Making Display LEDs brighter
Changing the sweeping turn arrows to blinking on & off
Reducing the size of the wristband

Please contact if you have feedback!

How are Wristbands and LED Displays paired?

You simply press a button to sync an LED Display to a Wrist Sensor. The Multiple displays can be synced to your Wristband, so you can have bright signals on the front and back while you're riding!

How do I mount the TurnCycle?

The LED Display has a universal mounting post on the back. This post is compatible with mounting accessories for your handlebars, saddle, luggage rack, helmet, backpack, or belt. You can choose any of these when orders are finalized. This allows you the most freedom in mounting the TurnCycle.

You will be able to choose your mounting option in the backer survey once funding is successful.

What if I use my right arm to signal right turns?

Any signaling is better than nothing! We designed the TurnCycle to be left hand controlled to reduce the number of wristbands you have to wear. It also keeps the TurnCycle compatible for people who want to add turn signal functionality to eBikes, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles, and some motorcycles.

How do I know if my display is signaling?

The LED Display has an audio feedback speaker that sounds when a left/right/stop signal begins and again when it ends.

Can I mount the LED display on the front and the back?

Yes you can, and only one wristband is necessary to signal both displays!

Is the TurnCycle available in other colors?

At this time we're planning to only offer the product in black.

Please comment back if you would prefer a different color!

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