Products - TurnCycle, safer bike signal light

Your traditional hand signal gestures wirelessly activate large, bright sweeping LED arrows for a safer ride.

The TurnCycle's left, right, and stop signals are bright and unmistakable.

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Ride Safer

The TurnCycle™ is a safer bike signal with wireless gesture control — signal turns with bright LED lights when you make your hand signal and immediately place your hand back on your handle bars. The lighted arrow continues signaling for 25 seconds, just like an automobile. An audio sound confirms to the rider that the gesture has triggered a signal. Traffic doesn’t need to guess what the rider is going to do!

Hand signals aren’t always clearly visible to surrounding traffic. The TurnCycle makes bicycling safer by providing an intuitive wireless interface to bright LED signaling. The included wristband “reads” your hand signals, transmitting your gestures via Bluetooth to the LED signaling component, which displays the proper turning or stop signal with no further input from the rider.

Advanced Electronics

Bluetooth wireless communications and internal LED lights work together to communicate everything about a rider’s signaling gestures. The rider needs to do nothing other than their usual hand signals in order to indicate a right turn, left turn, or stop.

The gesture control feature “reads” the cyclist’s gestures to deliver a seamless experience of signaling while lights echo the rider’s intention. Cyclists who travel distances over roads, such as commuters, shoppers and urban dwellers, appreciate the TurnCycle’s intuitive wireless signal assistance and feel more confident in their day-to-day travels.

Download a pdf of the TurnCycle here:

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